(and the future of live events in general)

And we thought 2020 was a dumpster fire. Well here we are almost half way into 2021 and things ain’t much better. While some parts of the world are slowly emerging from the fog that is COVID-19, we here on the Canadian prairies are still reeling in on-again more often than off-again pandemic restrictions with no real end in sight. Any way you slice it, this has made it nearly impossible to plan ahead for, well, pretty much anything. Even more so, it has been extremely difficult to stay motivated to produce arts events, virtual or otherwise. At this time last year, the notion of livestream concerts being broadcast to the comfort of your home was still a novel thing. The possibilities of reaching a global audience was alluring and exciting and new. After a full year though, I would be surprised if I was the only one feeling tired and done with it all. Right now, I do not wish to be tied to a screen or immersed in my headphones for one more long form virtual live event. I AM holding on to great hope that we will get through this and one fine day emerge on the other side. Intimate gatherings and live events will resume where we can indulge and share our passions for art, music, sound and knowledge. Live and in person. But for right now, Prairie Wires will be refraining from producing virtual events – until we don’t have to any more.

With that, it is with regrets that Prairie Wires will not be presenting a Drone Day event this year. Myself, I will be going outside. If I choose to create a drone it will be with the wind in my face and the sun in my eyes. It will be short, ephemeral and enjoyable to me.

As for what lies beyond. Stay tuned. As soon as we can meet in the field, we will. And it will be sonic. Stay wired.

Brendon Ehinger
Director, Prairie Wires