Great things are happening on the Canadian prairies. The rise of Eurorack, modular and semi-modular synthesis is evident in the cities, on the internet and in the air.

Prairie Wires Modular is an umbrella for all things Modular and Semi-Modular happening in the prairie region of Canada. This website, curated by Brendon Ehinger (aka MoonShapeNoise) is a submission based record of the exciting Modular and Semi-Modular artists and events that the prairie region has to offer. In addition to hosting this website, PWM plans to produce and host events, and June 15, 2019 will be the inaugural Prairie Wires Modular Meetup right here in Brandon Manitoba.

Why Brandon? Geography isn’t always on our side. Long stretches of highway between prairie centres tend to keep our communities somewhat insular. But not any more! Based in Brandon Manitoba, PWM is situated almost half way between Winnipeg, MB (2hrs) and Regina, SK (3.5hrs). Westjet also services direct flights between Brandon and Calgary, AB. This all makes Brandon a much more accessible location and a logical meeting place for prairie modular enthusiasts to congregate.

Stay tuned for more info on the inaugural Prairie Wires Modular Meetup 2019.

to submit your events and artist links to this website please send an email and I will do my best to get it up.


Prairie Wires Modular Meetup v1.0

Brandon Manitoba CanadaFriday June 14 & Saturday June 15, 2019 Join us in Brandon Manitoba Canada for a two day festival of Modular Synthesis. There are 4 events planned for this year’s meet-up including a free opening concert on Friday June 14 consisting of a electro-acoustic performance of Modular Synth and Trombone. Saturday’s program includes …

Drone at the Global Market

International Drone DayMay 25, 2019 | 2:00pm Life if Busy. Life is Noisy. Drone is Downtime. What is Drone Day? Drone Day is an annual community celebration of drone and experimental sounds. Drone Music is considered a sub-genre of minimal music and is characterized by the use of sustained tones or notes with relatively …